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Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Home Improvement Project

Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Home Improvement Project has been written by Robert Streif of Antique Brick on behalf of Notcutts.

Are you planning a home improvement project? If so, you couldn't have picked a better time. The country's increased concern with ecology and the importance of going green has greatly added to the availability of eco-friendly products. 

If you're not already aware of them, here are just a few of the green options available to the home remodeler today.

Recycled Metal 

Metal recyclers are increasingly popular today, and you may have seen their ads on TV. What do they do with all that scrap metal? 

One thing they do is sell it to manufacturers, many of whom recycle it into state-of-the-art kitchen, bath and plumbing fixtures that are fancy enough to please the most fastidious home improver. However, the uses of recycled metal don't stop at sinks and faucets. Recycled metal tiles and countertops are also available for anyone interested in creating an industrial look in the kitchen. 

Recycled Wood 

Wooden products of all sorts are commonplace today. Why are products made of recycled wood any better?

One thing is their looks. Much recycled wood is of the old-growth variety, and its character is hard to match by wood of a more recent vintage. In addition, since its natural seasoning renders it far less likely to warp or develop cracks, recycled wood benefits from its very age. 

Ecology-conscious demolition experts recognize the importance of saving old wood siding and panelling from the scrap heap. Anyone lucky enough to obtain old barn boards knows how beautifully they translate into panelling for the modern home. 

Recycled Glass 

Today's manufacturers have access to a growing supply of reusable glass, and they have been making the most of it. The products that result make quite a statement in anyone's home. 

Tiles made of recycled glass possess a depth and softness of effect unmatched by their traditional ceramic counterparts. For this reason, they have become extremely popular for use as backsplashes and countertops, and their uses are not limited to kitchens. They also serve extremely well in any bathroom for covering the walls or tiling the shower.

Some manufacturers have even found a way to combine crushed recycled glass with binding agents such as concrete. The resulting material is similar in appearance to a glittering terrazzo. This product works as well on floors as it does on countertops. 

Recycled home improvement items don't just look good. Their benefits to the planet's health can make their users feel good, and there's nothing bad at all about that. 

About the Author

Robert Streif has been writing for http://www.antiquebrick.org for over two years. He likes to blog about recycled materials, specifically their application in home improvement projects.

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